1993 Toyota Camry

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 118000 miles

Hi, the water pump leaks so I follow Haynes repair manual to replace the pump and might as well the timing belt. I'm not sure if skipping these two steps, disconnect battery and put transmission into neutral, can cause trouble i'm facing. Yes, the mark on camshaft and crankshaft were aligned, TDC.
when I put back the belt and manualy rotate crankshaft two complet rounds and get stuck so I turn back counter clockwise. The belt came off and now the real problem starts. With the valve cover and distributor cover off, I can see which one is at TDC. After hook the belt up, I can only turn half revolution, 180 deg. And it is stuck. With battery removed and put in neutral, the problem is still there.
with the camshaft belt removed, I turn camshaft for the next firing order and try to turn crankshaf but still stuck. I repeat this process until camshaft has been turn more than one revloution. It is STUCK.
please help to reindex the engine or get the timing back.
much appreciated
July 3, 2008.

TIMING BELT REPLACEMENT - 2.2L -1993 Toyota Camry

1.Install No. 2 idler pulley (if removed). Install and tighten bolt to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Ensure idler pulley is clean and rotates smoothly. 2.Install No. 1 idler pulley and tension spring (if removed). Pry No. 1 idler pulley away from timing belt area as far as possible. Temporarily tighten No. 1 idler pulley bolt. Ensure idler pulley is clean and rotates smoothly. 3.Using crankshaft pulley bolt, rotate crankshaft so timing mark on crankshaft sprocket aligns with timing mark on oil pump housing. See. This will position keyway in crankshaft sprocket at 12 o'clock position.

CAUTION:If reusing timing belt, ensure reference marks on timing belt align with reference marks placed on crankshaft and camshaft sprockets. Ensure timing belt is installed in original direction of rotation.
4.Ensure all sprockets and idler pulleys are clean. Install timing belt on crankshaft sprocket, oil pump sprocket, No. 1 idler pulley, and then No. 2 idler pulley in sequence. 5.Install timing belt guide with cupped side away from crankshaft sprocket and flat side toward timing belt. Install No. 1 timing belt cover and new gasket. 6.Align crankshaft pulley key groove with key in crankshaft. Install crankshaft pulley. Install and tighten crankshaft pulley bolt to specification. 7.Rotate crankshaft clockwise so cylinder No. 1 is at TDC on compression stroke. Ensure timing mark on crankshaft pulley aligns with "0" mark on No. 1 timing belt cover. If reusing timing belt, ensure reference mark on timing belt aligns with upper edge of No. 1 timing belt cover. 8.Rotate camshaft, and align hole in camshaft sprocket with alignment mark on camshaft bearing cap. See Fig. 2 . Install timing belt on camshaft sprocket. If reusing timing belt, ensure reference mark on timing belt aligns with the reference mark on camshaft sprocket. Ensure tension exists on timing belt between the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets.
CAUTION:DO NOT rotate crankshaft counterclockwise, as viewed from timing belt end of engine.
9.Loosen No. 1 idler pulley bolt 1/2 turn. Rotate crankshaft pulley 2 full revolutions clockwise from TDC to TDC. 10.Ensure timing mark on crankshaft pulley aligns with "0" mark on No. 1 timing belt cover, and hole in camshaft sprocket aligns with alignment mark on camshaft bearing cap. See Fig. 2 . If timing marks are not aligned, remove timing belt and reinstall. 11.Rotate crankshaft clockwise 1 and 7/8 revolutions and align crankshaft pulley "0" mark with 45-degree Before Top Dead Center (BTDC) mark on No. 1 timing belt cover. See Fig. 5 . 12.Tighten No. 1 idler pulley bolt to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Install No. 2 timing belt cover and gaskets. Install and tighten spark plugs to specification. 13.To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. Install all bolts/nuts on right (timing belt side) engine mount before tightening to specification. 14.On Camry, when installing control rod and bracket on strut tower and right (timing belt side engine mount, tighten bolts to specification in sequence. See Fig. 6 . On MR2, tighten engine

Jul 3, 2008.
Thank you for reply. It is very much the same as Haynes manual says. The problem is after turning the cranks shaft 1 7/8 turn, it is stuck, it will not turn clockwise any further. Now both camshaft are out and so as the exhaust manifold. Peaking thru exhaust at the engine head, I can see those 8 vavles sit properly, no visual sign of bent or damage. From the top after remove all the lifters, the tip of those valve stems seem at all same height. That make me assume no damage/bent vavle. Also I remove starter but it did not help with the issue. The torque converter bolt are all in places. The flywheel gear/teeth have no visual damage. My friend and I are stuck just like the engine.
Once again thank for reply.

Jul 8, 2008.
Hi standlow,

With both camshafts out, was the crankshaft able to turn freely?

Jul 8, 2008.
Yes, upto 1 7/8 of the turn, roughly. In detail, after it is stuck, no further movement except the opposite turn is free then stuck at about the same spot. So regardless of which direcrection I turn, it is still stuck at same spot, only freely turn of about 1 7/8 revolutions.
Thanks again

Jul 8, 2008.
What is the engine in your car?

Jul 8, 2008.
Hi standlow,

Without the camshafts the valves should be closed so should not be sticking unless one or more is bent.

Measure valve spring length to confirm.

Something might have gotten into the cylinders, it might be carbon or others that got in thru the plug holes.

Give the cylinders a good blast of compressed air and try again.

To test if the valves are bent, use compressed air through the plugs holes and if any is leaking, it would either go out the intake manifold or exhaust.

Jul 8, 2008.
As KHLOW said

With cam out all valves should be closed
remove all spark plugs and introduce compressed regulated air to the cylinder through the spark plug area
check for any air escaping out the manifolds area if so then you have a bent valve

every thing was OK before you did the work
and you didn’t crank the engine after the new timing belt was installed it just wont turn two full turn
if you did it by hand no valves should be bent in case you had installed the timing off

good luck

Jul 8, 2008.
In the 93 camary how are you sure if its on the cam shaft mark its at tdc or not?If its on the mark its tdc correct?

Dec 6, 2012.