1993 Toyota Camry • 4 cylinder Automatic •

93 camry with new-used tranny, timing belt, water pump and seals, starter, motor mounts, struts and cv boot. Car runs rough at idle and has for a while (was told to replace motor mounts), oil light flickers car wants to stall, does not accelerate like it used to, and it is running way warmer than usual and warms up too fast. All of these new problems just started after they replace my tranny and did the timing belt seals three times. Please _ I am at my wits end after spending 5000 in 6 months and I am out of work. When I get a job I will come back and make a donation. Non-mechanical woman here please use layman terms. Thank you!
August 7, 2011.

Check compressions, check for coolant loss, you can get a head check done this will detect Co in the cooing system, if so you will have a head problem, I would also get the idle control system check, it just may be way to low in the base idle, but an oil pressure check will prove the oil light flickering issue one way or the other, also a scan for any unresolved fault code problems, has the thermostat been replaced and is the radiator feel cooler top or bottom? And is heater working ok?

Aug 8, 2011.
Well after all that money, my car collapsed last night. It made a horrible noise. It started when it cooled off and I got it to a friends house but it is making the noise of a loose big bolt clanging around on metal/metal teeth something. It sounds horrible. A friend said it sounded like the torque converter. Could the torque converter going out have caused the aforementioned symptoms? When a used tranny is installed does it usually come with a torque converter? I guess I will have to sell my 5000+ camry to a pick a part place as the sound of it sounds expensive. Your thoughts please!Oh and the oil laight only flickered when it was getting ready to stall.

Aug 9, 2011.
I would be getting that oil pressure checked, this may be bearing failure and a new engine on it's way if you want to keep the car, if the torque converter failed to the extent that it fell apart and made these noises, the car would not drive at all.

Aug 9, 2011.
You can remove inspection plate and check torque convertor bolts to flexplate.

Aug 10, 2011.