1991 Toyota Camry

Engine Mechanical problem
1991 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 250, 00 miles

how do I replace a fuel pump can I get instructions on how to replace one please
January 5, 2010.

You got it:



Remove fuel tank from vehicle. Refer toFuel Tank service procedures. See: Fuel Tank Remove the bolt that holds the fuel lines to the tank.
Fuel Pump And Components (2WD Only)

Remove seven screws from the fuel pump bracket and remove the fuel pump bracket with fuel pump assembly from the fuel tank.
Removing Fuel Pump Bracket From Tank

Pull the lower side of the pump from the bracket.
Removing Fuel Pump From Bracket

Remove the two nuts from the fuel pump wires and remove the fuel hose from the top of the fuel pump.
Remove the fuel pump from the bracket.
Remove the rubber cushion from the fuel pump and using a small screwdriver, remove the clip that holds the filter screen to the fuel pump pick-up.
Removing Filter Screen From Fuel Pump

Pull the fuel screen from the fuel pump.

Install the fuel screen into the new fuel pump and secure it with a new clip.
Install the rubber cushion on the bottom of the fuel pump.
Connect the fuel hose, (still in the bracket), to the outlet port of the fuel pump.
Connect the wires to the fuel pump with the nuts, ensuring proper electrical polarity.
Push the lower side of the fuel pump into the fuel pump bracket, ensuring that the fuel screen locks into the bracket securely.
Installing Fuel Pump in Bracket

Install the fuel pump and bracket with new gasket into the fuel tank using the seven screws.
Torque the screws evenly to 3 ft.lbs. (3.9 N-m) .
Install the fuel line bolt.
Reinstall the fuel tank in the vehicle. Refer toFuel Tank service procedures. See: Fuel Tank

Jan 5, 2010.