1989 Toyota Camry

Engine Mechanical problem
1989 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 277654 miles

Please give any information an diagrams to replace fuel filter of above, I have been unable to obtain a camry manual, thank you
March 1, 2008.

A manual is availible here:

Typically manual doesn't give much except for location. Is it being replaced because of a problem or is it strictly as maintenence,

Hi Paul, thanx for the link, its a combination. There is a blockage in fuel system (am hopin the filter replacement will rectify) but maintenance too as bought car 2nd hand with a few issues. Thanx again for info

Mar 1, 2008.
IF I had the car in front of

I didn't find a location, and haven't seen one in some time, but if you follow the fuel line back from the engine you will hit it.

I believe it is along the firewall. Use a good penetrating fluid on the connections as it is probably rusted pretty good. In some cases, it can be bad enough that the line gets detroyed, in which case there are replacement line parts or universal filters that can be used.

Thanx paul for the assist, found and replaced, also did fuel pump, omg that was a pain in the butt lol
still have some work to do but will let ya know when I have runnin. Or come running to you if have more probs. Thanx again : D

Mar 2, 2008.
Yeah they put those things in a tough spot eh?

If problems still exist, as much info regarding symptoms would help. Good Luck.

Great info - have car " chugging" and hope that the fuel filiter is the issue. Already added fuel injection cleaner. Fuel filter is on the left front fender (right side when under the hood) below the air filter. Remove the top of the air filter and push out of way. 3 wrenches needed - 17mm socket/crescent for the top bolt, 14mm open crescent for the bottom hose nut, and 10mm for the bracket bolt. The bracket bolt was hardest to loosen, used some WD40 and mm by mm was able to loosen up the bolt - the bracket had a fixed nut which was great. Hardest part of repair was getting the filter pushed down thru the bracket - we used a soft rubber mallet with a regular hammer banging on the top of the mallet to push it thru. Put new filter in, pulling up with 2 hands to get filter in bracket high enough, lining up the 3 " nubs" on the side of filter with the grooves in the bracket. Reinstalled bottom hose fitting, tightened, tightened the bracket bolt, and finished with the top hose bolt with the new copper washers that came with filter. Cranked engine, started up on 2nd try after getting the gas back in line. Now to go to work and see if it " worked".

Sep 8, 2010.