2003 Toyota Avalon

Electrical problem
2003 Toyota Avalon 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

What part of dash needs to be removed to remove the car radio?
February 22, 2010.

Disconnect the battery terminal.
Make sure the front wheels are facing straight ahead.
Remove the steering pad.
Remove the steering wheel.
Remove the clip and seven claws holding down the meter hood assembly.
Using a molding remover, disengage the 4 claws, then remove the instrument panel register assembly.
For a manual transmission, remove the shift level knob by unscrewing counterclockwise.
Using a screwdriver, disengage the 6 claws on the upper console panel.
Remove the heater control knob.
Remove the screws and the instrument cluster and finish panel.
Disconnect the connectors.

To install:

Connect the electrical connections.
Replace the instrument panel.
Replace the upper console panel.
Replace the heater control knob.
Replace the shift knob.
Replace the instrument panel register.
Replace the meter hood assembly.
Replace the steering pad and wheel.
Reconnect the battery and check for proper function.

Feb 22, 2010.