1998 Toyota Avalon

Electrical problem
1998 Toyota Avalon 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 125 miles

I have an intermittent issue with the door locks and trunk releases from the key fob and lock buttons in the car doors. It is especially bad on the driver side door lock. I have replaced the batteries in my key fobs with little difference. The front doors open using the key. Can a failing battery create this kind of problems? What other ares should I check?

Thanks John
June 22, 2010.

Hi jokeefe102,

Thank you for the donation and sorry for the delay in replying.

I need some clarification on this. You mentioned the driver door is especially bad, does this mean the other doors are working whereas the driver door is not?

What is the actual fault that is occurring? Intermittently the door locks does not work at all or it operates weakly?

Jun 28, 2010.
Over the weekend I had a chance to troubleshoot it a little further. It is the driver side that no longer works. The rest of the doors all work from the key fob and " master" door lock switch on the drivers door panel.

Jun 28, 2010.
This indicates you have an error with the driver door lock actuator. It could be a bad actuator motor or broken wires circuits.

Remove the door panel.

Disconnect door lock motor 4-pin connector.
Connect positive battery lead to Blue/Black wire and negative battery lead to Blue/Red wire.
Ensure door lock link moves to UNLOCK position. Reverse battery leads and ensure door lock link moves to LOCK position. If door lock motor operation is not as specified, replace door lock assembly and retest system.

Jun 29, 2010.