1994 Toyota 4Runner

Engine problem
1994 Toyota 4Runner 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

Hi, I'am having a problem, here's my problem, I changed the throttle positioning sensor, spark plug, rotor and distribitor cap, when I went to start the car it would backfire threw the throttle body. It wouldn't stay at an idle either. I checked the timing and it is set at 10 degrees before TDC and the rotor is in the proper position on the distribitor. Please help me if you can, I'm stumped. Before I changed everything the car was running, it had very little power during acceleration but would run and get me where I had to go.

Thank You Bert D.
Bert d
February 10, 2008.

Your sure you wired it correctly by firing order-if you did could be the sparkplug heat range- Test the throttle position sensor's closed and wide open throttle voltages-follow the book

Feb 10, 2008.
Dixon, is that you?

Feb 10, 2008.