2001 Suzuki Vitara

Engine Performance problem
2001 Suzuki Vitara 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

Hello All,
I've Got a 2001 Suzuki Vitara powered by a G16B engine with automatic trans. Darn thing works well when I get the engine started.
Engine Diagnostnics didn/t turn up anything.
Previous owner 'lived' with this situation. It does not stall /back fire or make trouble noises.
It Hard starts both Cold and Hot, then sometimes starts in a one.
Engine has been tuned up -Hard starts any how.
Anyone got some suggestions?
Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all.
December 22, 2009.

Hi there, I would be getting an on car injection service, I would also have the ignition check on an oscilloscope, do a comp test, check that the correct spark plugs are fitted, fuel pressure is ok and you have good presser retention, if it is only hard to start after sitting for a few hours, check for fuel pressure retention in the fuel rail, you may have fuel draining back.

Mark (mhpautos)

Dec 23, 2009.
Thanks for your advice
The situation I believe is that the Throttle Body /Idle Air control clearance (which as you know is non adjustable) is buggy. Built up the IAC plunger with a bit of epoxy and got it starting in a one -but the idle rpm is to low - I just did this to ascertain that im on the right track- so now the issue is to replace the TB and iac from salvage and see what happens.

By the way thanks for the imput - all the electricals and machanical checked out - scope patterns were good and constant.

I wont recommend the aformentioned (epoxy IAC ) as a repair consideration - ok.


Feb 6, 2010.