1999 Suzuki Other

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Other Suzuki Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

99 Suzuki swift 1.3 sohc 16 valves--
Am grinding valves. Rebuilt spring compressor to remove valves (with difficulty). Removed cam, but not rockers and shaft. Valves ground ok! ----
Question: any special sequence to reinstall valves and springs. -- Exhaust or intake first, Etc? --Note: Did remove removable rockers. Before I start again, any advice? --- Don't want to remove rocker shaft.
Thank you.
November 7, 2008.

Remove cylinder head. See CYLINDER HEAD under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Remove intake and exhaust manifolds. Remove camshaft. See CAMSHAFT under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Remove rocker arms and shaft. See ROCKER ARM & VALVE LASH ADJUSTER under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION.
Using Valve Spring Compressor (09916-14510) and Valve Lifter Attachment (09916-14910), compress valve spring. Using Valve Spring Retainer Remover (09916-84510), remove retainer locks. See Fig. 9. Remove retainers, springs, valve stem oil seals, spring seats and valves. Keep all components in order for reassembly reference.
To assemble, reverse disassembly procedure. Ensure valve springs are installed with close coiled (small pitch) end down, toward cylinder head.

Dave H
May 30, 2010.