1995 Suzuki Other

Engine Performance problem
1995 Other Suzuki Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Do you have to replace the catilitic converter if the pipe going to it, coming from the rear of the car, has rusted though?

Or can you just patch that connection?
November 13, 2008.

What model suzuki there are many.
And exh. Varies by country, state and motor and body.

Vast sea of exhausts parts.

But in general, guessing car.

Just look, of cat back pipe has a flange at the rear of the cat ( 1min. On knees and look) then the cat back can be replaced.

Rusted iron. How to fix rusted iron (CRS steel really)
that depends.

That depends on how deep the rust goes.
No one know that but you or your exhaust man.

IMHO, buy a cat back and bolt it on,
its a 1hr job, for anyone who can turn a wrench.

Sep 3, 2009.