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I have a 1994 Subaru Legacy sedan, 4 cylinder, with 180,000 miles. The timing belt was replaced once around 90,000 miles. I plan on selling the car within the next two months. Can I make it without replacing it, or is it more sale-able with the repair done? I found someone reliable who can do it for around $350. I have to have two front axles replaced, too, and they'll do those for around $250. The car seems like it will only sell for around $1900, so I am not sure if I should replace the timing belt or not. Thanks for your input.
August 28, 2007.

I would not replace it if I was selling it, but would inform the buyer that is would be a good idea. You can negotiate down, but never negotiate up. There may be a buyer who will do it himself or similiar. You can also refer the buyer to the mechanic you know if they want it done.