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I have a 95 Impreza L 155,000 2wd, 5sp
I was changing my Right front axle and to get to the pin that is in the axle close to the tranny I disconnected some of the wiring haness.
I finished and connected everything back up and when I went to start it, nothing happened.
I mean no lights, door buzzer nothing. Completely dead.

1. DO I have to reset something to get it to start?
2. Would a fuse gone bad?
3. Could the fuseable link be a problem?
4. Possibility of the ignition fuse gone bad.

Things I've tried:
1. I tried to compression start it.
2. I dissconnected the battery to see if it would reset.
3. I've checked wires to see if the pulled out.
4. Rechecked my connections.
5. Checked fuses.
6. I tried jump starting as well

It acts when I try to compression start that it isn't getting any current to start.

It ran like a top prior to me messing with it.

Thanks in advance


One other thing is when I dissconnect the fuseable link the door buzzer comes on and when I connect it again the buzzer goes off if that helps. But still no lights or anything else.
September 3, 2007.

It would be helpful if we knew if starter wires were removed? Was neg batt cable disconnected prior to the repair? Sounds like a bad fuse link or blown ignition fuses. Possibly a disconnected engine ground? Try a single jumper cable from neg term, to the engine block. See if it will crank then?

Sep 3, 2007.