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I have changed plugs cap rotor fuel pump and fuel pump relay. The car runs great above 1500 rpm but below that it stalls. The car is a brat with a 1800 turbo engine. I have also notice the voltage from the alternator is low but had it checked and it checks out ok. The coil just recently stopped putting out a spark as well. The distributor turns and there in 12v going to the coil. Please help with my electrical problems.
May 31, 2007.

Can you please make notes all over your forums of the following

running an upper engine cleaner through the engine getts rid of rough engine idle it makes a huge difference

if you are getting a nosie which sounds like something like a vibration when you speed up change gear or slow down its the upper & lower exhaust heat sheilds they crack around the bolts that hold them togther only way to stop this is to weld them togehter there is to ways to do it on is to weld them together & worry about it next time the mainfold has to come off

the second is too pull them both off '& do it properly
the first time the differeence is about 3 horus labour

please plasster this all over your siite as i've noticed people whanting help on both of these problems


Jul 13, 2007.
In regards to your post

i have one or two suggestions

when you say less than 1500 i'm presumming youre meaning idling

my car did a similar thing ( its a 1996 impreza wrx 1996 dohc coil over plug type
i'm not sure wehter your vehicle has the idle control or not but if it has it would pay to make sure that it is well greased & turns freely or make sure that carby is not all clogged up

my other thoughts were to run some fuel additives & subaru upper engine cleaners through proberly at least two.

Alternator should be putting out at least 13.5 to 14.8 volt

also when replacing cap rotor etc the following should be replaced plugs, module, coil, leads as well as.


make sure that the

Jul 16, 2007.
I forgot to say the following

this could be a fault within one of the parts which has caused the other to died.


Jul 18, 2007.