P0740 CODE

1998 Subaru Legacy

Transmission problem
1998 Subaru Legacy 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 154000 miles

Not sure if trans or electrical problem. Car has rebuilt trans w/20,000 miles. Use for paper route so rough driving. Got P0740 code twice in 3 days. Son has repalced TCC solenoid on another car, but not Subaru. Does the valve body have to be removed to replace TCC solenoid? He's worried about bearings inside. Any special handling required? Should we check something else before replacing the solenoid? He would like a diagram but all I can find is full manuals. Basically anything you can tell me would be great. Thanks so much.
October 21, 2009.

Torque Converter Clutch System Malfunction

this code is giving a list of solenoids and sensors to test. The problem is with one of them setting the code above.

Check throttle position sensor circuit

Check torque converter turbine speed sensor circuit

Check engine speed input circuit

Check brake light switch circuit

Check ATF temperature sensor circuit

please write if you have further questions
about components location, testing.

Oct 21, 2009.