2000 Nissan Maxima • 289,000 miles

I have a 2000 nissan maxima with 289,000 clicks, rusted, fully loaded 25th special addition I paid 3000$ for it like 3 years ago and must have put in over 3000$ in repairs over the years, right now it needs summer tires, brakes, every time I turn left the steering wheel or left driver tires makes loud grinding noise. And now I have a friend at work selling her 2002 nissan sentra ex with 129,000 clicks runs well has a cracked bumper and the a/c just went but other than that runs excellent, with summer and winter tires for 1000$ ! Should I buy the sentra? And how much would someone give me for the maxima? Thanks for your opinion!
June 15, 2013.

Please understand, not being there to see the vehicles makes this nearly impossible for me. However, the rust on your vehicle will play a role in the resale value as well as the mileage. For someone to purchase it, I would think around 1000. For it would be a good price. As for the Sentra, it sounds like it already has its problems. I (me) would stay away from it. Chances are you will be end up dumping a ton of money into it too. Please understand that I am not there. I am just giving you my gut feelings on this matter.