2003 Saturn Vue

Engine Performance problem
2003 Saturn Vue 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 98730 miles

Repaired leaky valve cover gaskets and in the process had to remove intake manifold. I diid not replace intake manifold gasket, I am thinking the intake manifold gasket is leaking because I have because I have service engine light on solid and low engine power light on solid. The car starts and only idles with no throttle response. I am going to replace the intake manifold gasket hoping that willl resolve the emissions light problem and the throttle response problem - The question is am I going in the right direction?
October 8, 2009.

When ever I have removed the intakes on those I have never had to change the intake gasket. It sounds like u did something wrong why don't u see what codes it has maybe u just left something unplugged and don't have to remove the intake again. Let me know what u find.

Oct 8, 2009.