1994 Saturn Sport Coupe

Engine Cooling problem
1994 Saturn Sport Coupe 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

I have put two used rads in this car. Both cracked on the pastic end cap on the upper rad hose side. Is there a reason or just bab luck?
February 9, 2010.

Bad luck that's where they crack put a used one in my sisters car lasted 3 weeks. Put a new one in now it's been good 6 months.I found a factory Delphi radiator brand new on eBay for my brothers Saturn for 103 delivered just got it they had 8 when I order it just put in the search Saturn radiator on eBay it will say factory radiator read to make sure it's a Delphi.I think that's ur best bet at the rate ur going with used ones u could have bought a new one. Let me know how it goes.

Feb 9, 2010.