2000 Saturn SL1

Engine Performance problem
2000 Saturn SL1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 146005 miles

I am not getting power to the air pump or the air shut off and check valve. I have already replaced both parts twice I realise now that neither part is getting power. MY question is how can I fix the problem. Please help to reply you can email me at chuckles19782002@hotmail. Com THANK YOU
July 28, 2010.

Let's start with what code's you have that would really help me help you.

Jul 28, 2010.

chuckles19782002 said>The check engine light isnt on. Ive replaced the air pump, and all emissions parts bc there not getting any power. The car wont run with out the parts. I tried to bypass the emissions parts that didnt work.If your air pump isn't working you should be setting a code.With a code there would be a trouble tree.Otherwise your going to be guessing and following the wire diagram.

Jul 28, 2010.