Saturn SC1

Engine Performance problem
Saturn SC1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 60000 miles

Roomate told me the car was dead. Im a former old time mechanic( before computers) I first charged the Battery. He had run it down. I have some former automotive driveability repair training with Nissan. None with Saturn. I need to know a systematic check list of things to inspect. I have tools but no ECU diagnostics or recent training. The car wants to fire but not by much. Where do I start? Please? Garrett Gustkey
February 23, 2010.

So did this start out as a no start or did it die while driving?So the engine spins but doesn't start?If that's the case did u try holding the gas pedal to the floor while cranking it to start it?Also take off two spark plug wires off the coils that are right next to each other have someone crank it should have spark jumping from tower to tower. Did u check fuel pressure?Do u have any codes?Let me know what u find.

Feb 23, 2010.
When I returned home after work. My roommate (who cant find the end of a screwdriver) informed me that his Saturn was dead. When I got to it. The battery was completely discharged. I put my charger on it. Initially the meter revealed a 70% discharge. I increased the rate to 10 amps. Let it sit for -5 hours on the charger. The car would spin but not start. This morning I went out sand did as you said Held the pedal to the floor as you suggested and cranked it for 3 seconds it started up and ran fine.I have noticed a strong smell of gas. I couldn't find a fuel leak. I drove it for 5 minutes to come off of fast idle(around the block). It starts fine now. My roommate came home and wanted to purchase a battery. I sent him to AutoZone to have them Check the Charging circuit. As an after thought I need a lot more training. I was intimidated by ASE certifications and never conquered it now I am beset by my lack of knowledge. I don't have the time or money to go to school, But I want Driveability training at home. Please help me to conquer this old nemesis.

Updated 3/1/10
the Saturn is the SC2 and the year is 2002

Feb 24, 2010.
Hey I never asked what yr the car was what yr is it?I never got my ase ethier I learned all my computer operation and repair with Saturn spent over 16yrs with them.I suspect u might have a bad coolant temp sensor causing the engine to run way too rich. It's screwed into the head below where the upper hose goes on depending what yr it is u might have two u are looking for the one with two wires a yellow one and a black one. Look at the connector see if it is corroded if it is u will have to clean or replace it. Also look at the tip of the sensor that goes into the head if it's cracked it needs to be replaced. It could even be bad if it's not but they crack alot of the time though. If u replace it make sure u get a brass tipped one the plastic tip ones crack. Make sure the engine is cold u will loose coolant. There under 20 and cause all kinds of symptoms. Let me know what u find.

Feb 24, 2010.