1993 Saturn Other

1993 SL2. 5-speed manual transmission. Car has 285,000 kms. When I turn the key on, the fuel pump will turn on, but the car will not start. The starter will not even turn over. I can hear a relay switch click in the center console and checked them, and it is the power window relay that makes the clicking. But I cant understand why that would make the sound, and it has nothing to do with the ignition system. I checked fuses and they are fine. I can't start the car at all, and im stranded and have no idea on what to do now. Please, hopefully someone knows out there, let me know asap. Thanks.
August 7, 2006.

To check to see if the motor is seized if you jack up the right side of the car put your e brake on put a 1/2 socket on the main engine pulley use a big rachet or breaker bar and see if the motor will turn if it doesnt your motor is spent

Twincam saturn92
Dec 14, 2006.