1995 Rover 2 Series

Computer problem
1995 Rover 2 Series 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 104000 miles

My Rover 220 Gsi needed a new Battery. So ive replaced the Battery and now the car alarm needs resetting. This is the usual case and ive used the code to reset it a number of times with locking and unlocking the car in a sequence. This time it hasnt worked and the red car alarm light stays on! Now what do I do with an immobiliser that I cant turn of? When I connected the Battery there was smoke coming of the positive terminal. I didnt use the correct order in taking the leads of. I put the earth on frst and them the positive. Im worried ive donr something major. What dya think?
April 26, 2009.

Disconnect the battery agian for at least 5 minutes ...Check the battery for a good charge and check all main fuses are not blown ... then reconnect the battery in the correct sequence if it is still good ... then retry the 4 digit code on the drivers door ... it should work this time !!

hope this helps, let me know

Dave H
Apr 28, 2009.