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Thanks mate I think I have managed to solve the problem, I had the wiring loom to the thermostat body changed in doing so the connectors for two sensors seem to be interchanged I reversed them and she does not seem to be running rich HOPE It WORKS : D
Zain bilgrami
August 14, 2007.

Can you update your original post?

Rolls Royce. Cool!
Here in Niagara falls, we only read about them!

I have a silver spur III 1995 model done 75000 km, it has a very strange problem three out of ten times the car refuses to start after I have used the car and the engine is warm, and when this happens I can smell a lot of unburnt fuel from the exhaust and the car refuses to start, if I leave the car for 5 to 6 hours she starts in just a crank.I have also noticed that my car normally runs rich.
I did a experiment when the car died on me the last time, I pulled out the fuel pump relay and tried to start the car it took a few cranks but she started giving out a lot of black smoke.
I live in India and have no access to a service center or dealer and till date managed to look after the car with help and advice from people over the net.I would be highly grateful if someone could advice me as to where I should start looking for the problem

Zain bilgrami
Aug 15, 2007.
Although I have no info or experience with the RR, I'll lend my thoughts. When the problem is happening, is when you need to diagnose. My first thought is since it is dumping fuel, it may be lacking spark when the no start is happening. Or the plugs are drenched. My guess is that you also have fuel mixed into the oil from the rich mixture. If so, change it before it ruins the motor.

Fuel pressure regulator?