2006 Renault Megane

Electrical problem
2006 Renault Megane 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 21000 miles

I have electric windows to the front and rear of my vehicle. The front drivers side and rear passenger side windows are no longr working. I have tried using the window controls but the windows remain closed and I cannot open them. This has happened to several other persons whom I know who own a megane.
I known very little about vehicles and would appreciate some advice as to what could be causing this and how much I would be looking at to get it fixed. I am dubious about taking my vehicle to the local renault garage as it will probably cost a fortune to fix a very small problem.
Please could you advise,
September 14, 2009.

You probaly have bad motors on each of these windows or the guide wires could be damaged. You need to remove the interior door panels and check you have power going to the motors and check the guide wire condition. It is a cheap repair depending on the parts cost. Labour time would be 1 hour per door

Dave H
Sep 15, 2009.
Sorry to hear you have this problem. I'd suggest you give our Customer Service Team a call on 08000 72 33 72 as your vehicle may be affected by a reassurance campaign where we might be able to assist with the cost of repair.

Kind regards
Renault UK

Sep 16, 2009.