2004 Renault Megane

Air Conditioning problem
2004 Renault Megane 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 41000 miles

There is a burning smell coming through the vents and a little smoke came out of the drivers side of the bonnet when the air conditioning was on. Turned the air conditioning off and the smell appeared to go, there was also a sound coming from the car but it's hard to describe!

Checked the coolant levels and it is full, there is also a message on the dash saying that the oil needs changed soon, could that be related?

Thanks for your help

(PS car is a Dynamique estate)
May 14, 2009.

Sounds like you could have a fault on the air conditioning compresssor, this needs to be checked it may be worn/damaged and needs replacing ... the oil light is set to come on at set mileage intervals and is possibly not related to the fault !!

hope this helps

Dave H
May 16, 2009.