2004 Renault Laguna

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2004 Renault Laguna 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 60000 miles

I have a steering wheel wobble when braking, new renault fitted discs and pads, renault checked suspension, ball joints all ok, very slight play in steering rack but not eccesive. Renault took it for a test drive, didnt happen with test drive as it on comes in now and again after applying the brakes a few times from 60mph downwards, not there first 10 mins of driving in the morning then will come in afterwards.

Also had the wheels balanced quite a few times, turned from back to front and still have an ongoing problem with wheel wobble. Wobble comes in at 55 to 65 then goes. Not sure if the problem is related.
budget tyres used but told not the problem.
November 15, 2008.

Hi there,

This is normally always a rotor problem, even new rotors can cause vibrations, I would get this inspected as I would also have the tyres inspected for minor pressure bulges.

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 15, 2008.
Thanks for that. This is the third set of discs on the car, first was discs with manufacturing fault, second four months later returned disc to factors and just put on renault own, with same problem! Car was great first day or so as with all the other discs when first fitted. Renault say that if it was disc the pedal whould vibrate a lot when braking, it is only minimal that I can feel, but the wheel is far worse and annoying.

Nov 15, 2008.