1997 Renault Clio

Heater problem
1997 Renault Clio 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles


I have just bought a second hand Renault Clio 1.2 Biarritz 3 door.

It has no problems except that the fans do not work.
They are only simple dials to activate, hot and cold etc. i have opened all the vents but no air comes out.

Even after driving for a while there is still no air.

Now its winter here in the UK I am struggling to see out through the windscreen in the morning as its frosty and the fans do not work to de-mist.

I'm having to open the windows to stop the condensation which is not ideal.

My friend said it might be the fuses so looked under the passenger side dashboard where the fuses are and said they all look fine.

What else could it be?

Many thanks in advance,

London, England, UK.

October 27, 2008.

Could be the relay which is also in the fuse box compartment. Should have diagram on lid of fusebox. Could aslo be the brushes in the motor have burnt out. Which is located behind the dash inside heater unit?

Dave H
Nov 14, 2008.
Thanks for the reply Dave.
Fuse box compartment is all ok though.

The dials on the dashboard don't switch anything on, they just turn without doing anything.

I have gotten under the bonnet to check the pipes going into the car have water running through them.

I undid the bleed screws and the pipes are completely empty, not one bit of water.

Could this mean the system is blocked? Someone has suggested that I use a water hose to blast clean water through the system to unblock the heater components.

Nov 17, 2008.
Could need the thermostat replacing. Also, yes you could try blowing it through with hose. Just a normal everyday hose. Not a jet wash? Was the engine running when you took out bleed screws?

Dave H
Nov 17, 2008.
Good point, the engine wasn't running. Would this make a difference?

Nov 19, 2008.
If the engine is not running, water is not circulating via pump therefore air is not circulating to escape through bleed holes? If with the engine running you still get no or little water through the pipes then you have a circulation problem either thermostat stuck or a blockage in the cooling system or your pump is not working? I still think your problem is electrical. Your saying the switch does nothing when you turn it . If it was a coolant problem you would get cold air?

Dave H
Nov 19, 2008.