2003 Ford Focus • 100,000 miles

Replacing the brakes on left rear. Pulled drum and the inner race stayed on the spindle. It won't come off. Any sugestions for removing it?
April 16, 2013.

You can try prying it off or gently tapping it from behind but the bearing may have overheated and welded the race to the knuckle. If that is the case, the knuckle will have to be replaced also.

Apr 16, 2013.
If it is something that supposed to come off, use a little heat on it. Your local autostore--walmart should have a small bottle of something, I dont know if its propane or what. You can use that to put some heat on it, then see if it will come off. I tried to look up wheel races in my parts book, didn't see it.
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Apr 16, 2013.