2003 Ford F-150 • 0.8L V8 RWD Automatic • 155,428 miles

I just had all the heads replaced recently now when my trucks warmed up it putts in idle and sometimes when driving. My check engine light is on now and I have less power when going up hills. I had a spark plug blow out a couple months ago but like I said I have had all my heads replaced. What could this be? And is it a easy cheap fix I can do myself or do I need a pro ?
March 1, 2014.

Did it blow the spark plug completely out of the head? If it were me id go back to the shop where it was done and hold them to fixing it properly. It sounds like they may have stripped out the head putting that plug in. This is fixable but also the putts may be caused by the old plugs if they were left in there or a coil pack/packs going bad. Those are on top of each plug and are very easy to replace, available at local parts houses

The plug did blow all the way and evrey head was replaced and brand new. I can't take it back to the shop because it is 400 miles away. Its driving alright most the time. Yesterday my check engine light was blinking repeatavly. And I've had a few people say coil

Mar 2, 2014.
If the plug stays in and is tight then that's ok. And yes its most likely the coil pack. That's a very common problem with those coil packs