Pontiac Sunfire

A friend is giving me a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire if I can get it to start. He tells me that he replaced the ignition switch, but forgot to disconnect the battery before tinkering with the steering column. Now the car's engine will turn, but will not start at all. He thinks that he did something to the anti-theft device in the steering column. I've called several dealers, and they mostly say that I'm looking at a few hundred dollars at least. One dealership nearly two hours away said that he could plug something into the car and have it running right away, but I would have to bring the car to him. Any advice would be helpful.
August 19, 2007.

When you turn key to On do you see all those idiot lights that suppose to come On. If not do below

Find the coil and check power at the positive terminal-no power get a jumper hook it on the pos. Terminal and take it over to the battery positive post, now try to start it.

Aug 19, 2007.