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Hello I have a 99 pontiac grandprix 108,000 mi. Non supercharged 3.8L engine. My emergancey brake works when put in drive but moves freely in reverse. I heard this is how they come from the factory but I cant ship it until I either bring a memo from a dealer or factory or repair it. I am shipping it from Darmstadt GE where I am currently stationed. German support for american vehicles is scarce so any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated.
April 11, 2007.

The emergency brake consists of a set of brake shoes inside a drum on the rear wheels. They would normally work the same for both foreward and reverse unless the mounting for the shoes has come loose or the shoes are worn excessively. This assembly is seperate from the disk brakes on the rear wheels. Once the disk brake calapers and rotors are removed you cn see the emergency brake setup.
Hope this helps.

Apr 11, 2007.