Pontiac Grand Am

Hi I have a 1999 pontiac grand am 2.4l 4 cyl with 82000 miles. 2 weeks ago my check engine light came on so it took it to 2 different auto parts stores and they hooked it up to the code reader. Both times it came up with the code po141 which is the oxygen sensor. It also says that it is bank 1 sensor 2. Can you tell me which sensor that is and where it is located? Is it an easy fix that I can do my self? Thank so much
March 11, 2007.

Have you been noticing any fuel economy changes?

About a year about my post catalytic O2 sensor did that but I've still noticed a dramatic drop in MPG (about 13-14 in city).

I have the same year of Grand Am and 98,000 on mine.

Mar 12, 2007.
Yea I do notice a drop. The guy said that bank 1 sensor 2 was the one that is the 02 sensor that is the one right before the catylitic converter, is that right?

Mar 13, 2007.