Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2003 pontiac Grand Am. It was running very nicely.A few weeks ago, my clutch quit working and my slave cylinder had to be replaced. My son, who is ok at fixing cars, replaced it. He took the engine out and put in the new part. He got the car all put back together, and tried to start it up.
Nope. Nada.
I won't start. The engine turns over, but it's not getting any fuel.

Does ANYONE have ANY clue what he may have done wrong here? We stuck one of those little checker thingies on it (sorry for the terminology) and my son says it doesn't give him any kind of a reading.

ANY suggestions would be appreciated. Even the ones where you roll your eyes and tell me to take it to a professional.
July 6, 2006.

Is it possible he reversed the fuel lines, ie return and flow, is there a fuse for the fuel pump, can you hear if the fuel pump is kicking in?

Jul 8, 2006.
THank you very much for your reply.

He figured it out. According to HIM he had hooked a wire that needed to be grounded to a hot wire on the starter. Once he changed that, the car started up.

Thank you very much. It was all a wiring problem.

Jul 9, 2006.