2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Computer problem
2004 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Several times the car won't start, no sound, lights off when TRYING TO start,
battery Okay, does not lower voltage when key in start position.
Oil level and all fluids are okay. Cannot check trans fluid level though.
Pluged in OBD2 scanner and emissions icons flach. No codes to report. Cleared codes anywhey and engine started? This worked several times even though the scanner mfg said it could not be happening, but it did.
Checked all fuses, all good and have voltage except the CRANK 10 amp fuse has no voltage but is good.
HELP, is it the computer (where is the computer?)
tried to jiggle all wiring to no avail.
June 12, 2008.

Most common is the ignition cylinder
and the security system
when it does it, check if you have a security light on and or flashing and if so leave key in the on position for 10 min and until light stop flashing then the car should start
if its the case and its happening more often then you need to have the ignition cylinder replace

Jun 12, 2008.
Are you sure its service engine light and not service vehicle light that is on
you need to read the BCM codes
when service vehicle light is on

Jun 12, 2008.