1998 Pontiac Grand Am

Engine Performance problem
1998 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 117000 miles

My wife was pulling out of a gas station and the car died on her. I met her out there and turned the key and there was on click and the engine did not even try to turn over I still have radio and lights when I turn the key. I know nothing about cars any advice would be much appriciated.
July 24, 2009.

Hello, the battery has a full charge, cables ok? If the starter won't even crank, did you try cranking in neutral? With the key in the crank position, can you tell if there is a load on the starter? One way might be to watch your dome lite when you crank it, if the lite stays bright, you may have an open circuit. The purple wire at the starter solenoid should be hot with the key in the crank position.

Jul 24, 2009.
However the dome light does dim when cranking, and radio and dash lights are very weak. But I have tried two batteries with full charges. Any more ideas?

Jul 28, 2009.
Are you sure the cables are ok? Do some testing at the starter solenoid.

Jul 28, 2009.
I had the same problema nd I found out that the passlocks on these cars are faulty, so the nexttime this happens you can sit with your car in the on position for 10 minutes to reset your anti-theft system and then try to start your car again, so far this has helped me so hopefully it'll help you.

Jul 29, 2009.