1991 Pontiac Grand Am

Computer problem
1991 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 154380 miles

When trying to start this 2.5 engine, I can mist starting fluid over the throttle-body, and it will runand removing the fluid it dies. We removed the wires from the injector in the throttle-body, used a test light to check for voltage, and it, s there. There is a red wire, and a blue wire. Using a testlight, I hooked it, s negative on the neg. Post of the battery and stuck the probe in the end of the red wire, and cranked the engine. It had voltage. Then, I clamped the negative on the test-light on the pos. Side of the bat. And there was no light on the blue wire. Could it be a computer problem? All fuses are good. It, s a 4 Tech if that means anything.
November 6, 2010.

Maybe I am not reading correct, but if you supply starting fluid it runs, correct?

Did you check fuel pressure. It Must be in spec. What is the pressure at?

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Test indicates the PCM is not grounding the fuel injector circuit. Check for continuity between the injector Blue wire and PCM terminal # W1. If continuity is available, the PCM is most likely faulty.

Nov 7, 2010.
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