1998 Pontiac Firebird

Electrical problem
1998 Pontiac Firebird 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 42000 miles

I have a 98 firebird v6 with 42,000 orginal miles. When I am driving at random all the guages will go from max to min and every light on the dash will light up. The car will die and sometimes restart right away and other times after a period of time. Usually between 5 to one hour. Sometimes it happens once a day and other times it happens every minute. Please help.
July 2, 2008.

Usually main power feed is th eonly thing thatwill make the entire dash light up, as if the key was just turned on. Start at the battrey and be sure connections are clean and tight with no acid corrosion. Then check the power center under the hood. Next time it dies and wont restart, use a test light to see if the interior fuse panel has power to the fuses, this could be a faulty ignition switch

Oct 3, 2008.
Just an FYI, you were right on the money. I ended up taking it to the dealer and after a grand later and 2 days they found the wire that was rubbing on the frame.

Feb 12, 2009.