Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville SE automatic with 147,000 miles. I was recently driving and did not notice my car was beginning to overheat due to a leak in my lower radiator hose and soon found myself on the side of the road. After cooling down and duct taping for a quick fix until I could get to a part store, my car displayed the check engine light and gave code for a random cylinder misfire as well as a tapping sound while idling. Car also seems to be losing power when climbing hills and when accelerator is pushed nothing happens at times and I must release and push again and car will rev up and begin to gain momentum. Idle is sometimes rough when car is warm and hessitates when taking off from a stop and has died on a few occassions if brake and gas are not applied in order to bring rpm up take go when rough idle occurs. What are your thoughts?
More recently, I was struck by a car that thought stop signs did not apply to her but only my rear passenger wheel was hit causing the top to be knocked in \ and very noticable, is this bent and not repairable or can I purchase the rear wheel assembly and whats the proper name. Thanks
July 30, 2007.

Are you losing any coolant?

Call a scrapyard, they will probably sell you the spindle and control arm assy with the drum and all.

I am slowly loosing coolant and have a gurgling sound from the overflow tank when I turn off the car, does that mean the head gasket is blown?

Aug 3, 2007.
No it doesn't. But if you let it go it may trash the engine. The 3.8 motors had a problem with the intake Manifold. The " well paid but don't have to work on them engineers" : roll: What may and very well may be the problem is the intake manifold. The design allows for deterioration of the plastic manifold due to pressure and heat. The big deal here is when the cylinder fills up with coolant, it can cause a hydrolic lock from the compression of coolant in the combustion chamber happens, it bends a rod. You know how a bent rod can feel, well the engine is just never the same again : mrgreen: Do you want to diagnosis this on-line?

Yes, I have been trying to diagnose this problem for a while, and having a job that does not give much time off and lack of money prevent me from taken it to a shop. And with the new problem, cracked radiator, funds are even less.

Aug 13, 2007.
I'm not sure what tools you have at your disposal, and may may this a little tougher. Can you do a compression test of the cylinders?

If not you can pull all the plugs and get a look at them and see if any signs of burnt coolant are there. While the plugs are out you can spin the engine over to see if any coolant comes out of any of the cylinders.