1999 Pontiac Bonneville

Electrical problem
1999 Pontiac Bonneville 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I can be going down the road and my car will die. I can not role down the windows, and everything else will work, and just as soon as the windows roles down again my car will crank.
March 6, 2009.

Hello, as far as the starter system, is the theft system acting-up?

Some of the feed circuits for the starter and power windows come from the ignition switch. Whether it is the switch or wiring circuit? When the problem occurs, you might check the 10 amp radio fuse. That feed goes to the control side of the power window sunroof relay. You need to check for voltage at the fuse terminals.

Mar 6, 2009.
Mine are the power windows on the door that will not role up or down and the engine will turn over but not crank.

Mar 6, 2009.
Cranking is starter action. You can have starter action without the vehicle starting.

Do you see the radio fuse?

Mar 7, 2009.