97 3.0

1997 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 97 plymouth voyager and I had the tranny rebuilt in june of 05 the van has 122500 miles on it and it just recently started acting up by not wanting to shift into gear and this morning I overheated and know the tranny and coolant are the same color and smell like chocolate milk what can this possibly be :
December 2, 2006.

I have a 97 grand voyager. I blew the tranny about 3 years ago. I took it in for a flush & they replaced it with the wrong fluid. After replacing the tranny, the guys at the garage told me it took a special kind of fluid. Regular tranny fluid isn't good for it. Hopefully this helps.

Jan 9, 2007.
Hey luocifer,
You blew the trans fluid cooler in the radiator, and now coolant has mixed w/ tranny fluid and it gets worse (sorry!) Coolant will severely damage the internals of your transmission (ie friction discs etc.) Wish I had some better news for ya. You can try to get the trans flushed after you make the repairs, but its only a matter of time before the tranny completely fails. I recommend replacing the radiator and a transmission rebuild. A used tranny is another option but I never recommend it ( had too many junkyard tranny nightmares)!


Jan 9, 2007.