1988 Plymouth Reliant

I would like to replace the front struts on my sons 1988 Plymouth Reliant. I have gotten prices from garages
and it runs between 6 and 7 Hundred dollars. I can purchase the struts from an Auto Parts Store for about $150.00 total. I was looking for possible information on line that I can research how to properly remove and install the new struts.
I would appreciate any help, or direction on this subject
to find on-line instruction manuals.
March 18, 2007.

What I can tell you is an unqualified person will loose tranny fluid and possibly CV-Joint damage! You also need a strut spring compressor and if not used right spring can slip out of the tool and Seriously injure you. Still wanna try it? For an 88 reliant?

Mar 27, 2007.