2000 Plymouth Other

2000 Other Plymouth Models 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 198, 00 miles

How can you tell if the Rack and Pinion is going or if it is your power steering pump? Hubby and I are arguing about this. I had a friend look at the car because I thought it was the power steering pump and he said it was the r& p. I told hubby and hubby says that doesn't make sense because the r& p has nothing to do with the steering of the car. Now I know he is full of crap but what can I tell him to get him to believe me? The Power steering fluid is coming out by the driver side wheel and goes through like there is nothing stopping it.
March 17, 2009.

R&P is part of the steering system
its the box that makes it happen
it the leak from the boots than the R&P no good and need to be replaced
if the any of the hoses leaking than you can replace that hose

Mar 17, 2009.