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Brakes problem
1960 Other Plymouth Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 100, 00 miles

I want to upgrade the braking system on a 1956 Plymouth from single to dual action. As a dumb kid, I once had one hose break going downhill. Rather than try the curve at the bottom, I joined the cows on the other side of a barbwire fence. In restoring this old Savoy I want the safety of dual brakes, Can I just jerry rig a dual system from the junk yard? Is this a no- brainer or am I way off base here and looking for a repeat of my visit with the cows - or maybe something much worse. OK. What do I need and where do I get it? I know all the steps and the bleeding sequence, etc. But how do I start and what do I need to do to stay out of trouble?
October 29, 2008.

Your best bet on this system if you want the dual type is to put disc brakes on the front and find a dual master cylinder that will work. As far as a proportioning valve get a manual adjusting one and you'll have to ; llay with it to get it right. The are available from any street rod brake manufacturer. You should probably contact them as they could probablly help you out with a good system.

Oct 8, 2009.