1992 Plymouth Acclaim

Engine Performance problem
1992 Plymouth Acclaim 4 cyl

how do change the fuel pump
July 28, 2010.


It is necessary to remove the fuel tank from the vehicle to replace the fuel pump. Follow fuel tank removal procedure.
See: Fuel Tank

Fuel Pump Service

Using a hammer and a non metallic punch carefully tap lock ring counter clockwise to release pump.
Remove fuel pump and 0-ring seal from tank. Discard old seal and pump inlet filter. Installation
Wipe seal area of tank clean and place a new 0-ring seal in position on pump.
Before installing pump always install a new filter on the end of suction tube.
Position fuel pump in tank with locking ring.
Using a hammer and non metallic punch drive ring around clockwise to lock pump in place. CAUTION: Extreme care should be exercised not to overtighten pump as it could leak.
Install tank.

Jul 28, 2010.