1995 Oldsmobile Other

Today I got in my car I begin to drive I noticed it didnt feel as if it at
the boost as it normally does I didnt shut it off for atleast 30 miles i
noticed the battery light on and I noticed that it only came on when i
left off the gas and went off within 3 secd of pushing on the gas I also
noticed that when I came to complete stops it was all it had left to turn
i finally shut it off at my job and it would not crank this was 7 am at
sam I went out and it crunk up just great then at 12 I crunk it up drove
a couple of miles and it shut off again and I had to get it jumped off i
did not make it 4 miles up the road before it shut off causing the rpm to
jump back and forth asnd the sterring will to seem to be getting locked
and once again I had it jumped off only to make it about 2 miles and the
jump off and all the other repeats was completed and I was finally home
now my car is parked[/b]
March 17, 2006.

Did you check the serpentine belt and its tensioner?
Sounds like it is loose.
Good luck and let us know. : )

Try reposting in the GM section of the forum for more results.

Mar 17, 2006.
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Mar 18, 2006.