1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 160.00 miles

my wife runs the car out of gas all time I told her that will cause the fuel pump to go out.
now the other day she did it again.
this time after I put gas in it it wont start back up.
i can keep it running with a squirt of starting fluid but then in stalls again.
i cked the fueses all good.
is there a relay under hood I here a click when it shuts of again. Ive tried getting under the car and listen at fuel tank no noise there.
do you think its would be the fuel pump or relay
December 3, 2009.

Welcome, there are numerous Cutlass, which one is it? When you first turn the key on, no crank, the pump should run for a couple seconds, after that if no rpm signal, it stops. If it doesn't run at all, I'd check for voltage and ground at the pump connector.

Dec 3, 2009.
As I said she runs it out of gas all the time
cutlass ceira I can not hear a thing back at the tank
always could before even when she ran it out
thats why I thought if I was lucky it might be fues or relay but im not that lucky
i will take my tester and ck plug at tank
just searching before pulling tank
thanks mike

Dec 3, 2009.
I can give you the location of pump relay,but, my database shows numerous different cutlasses. I don't know if relay location is the same for all? Supreme--Ciera, something else?

The picture below is for cutlass ciera 3.3 litre engine. The fuel pump relay is located, under the the hood, passenger side front, number 16. You can use a testlite and check relay circuits for voltage.

Dec 3, 2009.