2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

Engine Performance problem
2002 Oldsmobile Aurora 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 73000 miles

When I start my 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora, the Serv Stability System is displayed on the DIC. I can reset it but the following lights are always on: Track Off, ABS and Brake (red light). I took it to the local repair shop but was advised to take it to the GM dealership. It looks like the trouble code point to something called EBCM fault. The repair shop said it was beyond their control but I was lucky enough to get that for free ($75 diagnostic fee). The shop said that the dealership will also charged the same fee and it could be an expensive repair. The brakes and ABS seem to work fine even when lights are on. But I don't want to drive my car with those lights on. Please advise on what the best move. Thanks
October 10, 2009.

If you could provide us the code(s) mentioned, that could be a big help to help you.
I have a link below similar to your problem.
check it out and let me know.

Oct 11, 2009.