1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

Engine Performance problem
1997 Oldsmobile Aurora V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles

I have a 97 olds aurora with 96k miles with a 4.0. In cold wearth it starts very hard. It takes 3 trys before it will start. It sputters and backfires through the intake. Once it starts it runs good. It starts and run fine in warm weather and doesnt have that problem at all. The service light code reads out as error. Im going to go to a different shop to try to get it read again, but does anyone have any ideas?

I have replaced the temp sensor on the air cleaner housing. It is almost acting like a carb engine that needs the choke adjusted.
February 2, 2010.

It sounds like it can be attributed to a lack of fuel pressure. Has the fuel filter been replaced in the past? When it is cold it requires more enrichment, like the choke on, and if you have low volume/pressure you may notice it when cold. I would lean towards fuel pressure, another thing to check is for a leaking fuel pressure regulator, where raw fuel is leaking past the diaphragm into the vacuum line and induction system. These are usually not cold weather related, but it is another possibility.

Feb 2, 2010.