1999 Nissan Quest

Brakes problem
1999 Nissan Quest 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Hi, I have Nissan Quest 1999 With no ABS, 116,000 miles, I have a trouble with brake did not hold pressor,
First thing, I have the brake locked front left wheel. I replaced 2 new calipers, 2 set brake pad and service turned rotor for both side. Then I tried bleeding brake fluid 2 front brake, But it 's alway spongy.
2nd thing, I replaced 2 Master cilynder, the one 1999 model , It leacked at steal hose , I could not fixed, I switched to 2002 MC, It 's little bit difference, but with 2002 steal hose, It stop leak. And I also removed and clean 2 rear brake.
From here, I did bleeding brake fluid for four brake, untill there were any bubles in for brake, But the brake pedal till feel spongy, the 2 rear wheel you can moved by hand with the brake padel down.
First tried bleeding with engines off, after steped 10 times bring pressor on padel, It took slow to bring up the pressor to brake padel, After completed all for brake bleeding, I still feel some better, not very good, When engine runing brake spongy, I can depress brake to floor softly. 2 front brake some strong, but not 2 rear not hold the drum.
Do you think the 2 rear wheel cilynder did not spend the brake? So the Brake shoes can hold the drum?
I also checked Power brake booster ok, no airtighness, My Van is not ABS, 2 brake fluid line from MC to distributor block and 2 line out from there,
Do you think It could be MC again? Because the pressor is not solid, and no any buble in brake line, I have been bleeding for all week long, 3 bottle 32 oz.
Some one tell me What could cause problem? Please, Any helps will be appreciated.
July 23, 2009.

My first concern is the incorrect model year master cylender. THat could be the problem. Also, when you cleaned the rear brakes, did you properly adjust them so there is a drag on the wheel without the brake pedal being pushed? I also recommend that once you adjust them, press the brakes pedal 5 or 6 times to center the shoes, then recheck them for adjustment.

Let me know.

Hi ! Thank you very much for quick responding,
The MC 1999 is different 2002 is look like valve attached in the front MC and with shorter fluid line, the 02 there was not any valve attached on the front and the fluid line is longer bypass the legth of the vavle, the location is same, at the center of MC 02 fluid line is corn shape, it's line up fluid line with out leak, the center MC 99 is concave shape, when I removed the line I pulled out little off center, when I put it back, no matter how hard I tighted It's till leak. Tha't s why I swicthed 02 MC.
Auto part store did not sell fluid line with curry bended, only straight line, then bend the line and flair yourself very hard for perfect line. I have to find in junk yard.
The rear brake I removed drum and cleaned made a justment ok, just bearly contact the brake shoes, I can turn the brake by hand freely both side. I depressed pedal so many time when bleeding fluid, but the rear brake is till soft, not hold the drum.
You think the problem is incorrect MC. DO you know which brake system for which wheel? Bacause 2 rear wheel have not hydrolic pressor on the brake when engine running. So one brake system for 2 front wheels, the 2nd brake system for 2 rear wheel for Nissan Quset 99? Ussally left side front and rear one system, Right front and rear for 2nd system for non ABS.
I'm going to start all over switched back MC 99, try to fix leaking, the let you know later, Also let me know how you think. Thank you in advance.

Jul 24, 2009.
Hi: Two things. First, there should be a drag on the rear wheels when spinning them if they are properly adjusted. I would say if you spin them, they should go one revolution and then stop. As far as the MC, I believe the problem is the differences between the 99 and the 02. There may be differences that you can't see. I would recommend making your own new line for the 99 MC with new fittings. That should take care of the leak. You may even want to try some teflon tape on the threads.

Let me know.


I replaced MC several time difference auto store in my town, All remanufacture MC were standar flair fluid line connection, the original MC of my van was buble flair, It does not match up, that's why It leaked. I have to order in dealer, but they not sure which style of flair, I'm still searching part at auto salvage yard, so far I haven't got any luck yet for the year model.
The primary my concerns is not sure my van has ABS or not, I read from other web said Nissan Quest 1999 is standar ABS, Because There was distribute hydraulic block with the pump,
The problem could be futher check system, Do you have diagram of brake system Quest 1999 with ABS and ABS computer location and have instruction testing ABS actuator e.T.
I did not see any ABS light on, nor ABS selfdiagnosis when inigtion key on posision, Do you know How to check the vihicle if it is ABS.
Both the rear rotors rotated freely at least on revolution by hand. I will fixed correct MC first see how thing is going, let you know later.

Jul 26, 2009.
I'm sorry, but I have nothing that I can cut and paste for you. I'm sure if you give the vin number to the dealer, they would know if the vehicle was equipped with ABS.