1996 Nissan Maxima

Engine Performance problem
1996 Nissan Maxima 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 164000 miles

My Maxima recently threw a code for Cylinder 3 misfire. I took it to the Nissan dealership and got a diagnostic done. They came back with a bad injector and knock sensor. I paid $1,800 for the car. The repair estimate is $1,400. Is there a. PDF service manual or step by step instruction do it yourself?
October 26, 2010.

Release fuel pressure.
Disconnect negative battery cable.
Disconnect accelerator and cruise control cables.
Disconnect wiring harness connectors from Auxiliary Air Control (AAC) valve, throttle position sensor and closed throttle switch.
Release cooling system pressure. Drain cooling system. Remove coolant hose to air-cut valve.
Disconnect PCV hose.
Disconnect vacuum hoses from vacuum gallery.
Disconnect power valve actuator, power brake booster and EGR control valve.
Remove EGR flare tube.
Remove upper intake manifold collector. See Fig. 2 .
Disconnect fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose, and fuel inlet and return hoses.
Disconnect injector wire harness connectors.
Remove fuel rail with injectors from intake manifold.
Remove injectors from fuel rail. See Fig. 3 .

Install NEW "O" rings on injectors and install injectors. Tighten injector retaining bolts to 26-35 INCH lbs. (2.9-3.9 N.m).
Install fuel rail.
Using NEW gaskets, install intake manifold collector and tighten bolts to spec.
To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.
Start engine and check for leaks.

When upper intake manifold collector is removed, you can get at the knock sensor easily.

Oct 31, 2010.