1995 Nissan Maxima

1995 Nissan Maxima, 50,000 miles, recently purchased. Engine is 3 liter V-6, automatic transmission. CV boots have probably been torn for years and joints appear to have long time exposure. Some noise when steering right then left or vice versa while parked.
Question: Should I consider replacement of joints and boots for each half axle or should I replace each complete half axle assembly? I might do the work myself but your comments may convince me to take it to a mechanic.
January 19, 2007.

Half shafts should cost around $80 to $100 for your vehicle. Boots will cost around $20 and there are two to each half shaft so it wouldnt cost too much more to replace each half shaft.
Replacing the half shafts would probably be easier too since they will allready have boots on them.

The work isnt too hard, just make sure you have a breaker bar and a repair manual.

Jan 21, 2007.